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The famous Chess House of Yerevan is one of the best chess centers in the world according to many visitors.
In this building many great international events have been regularly held. And the Tigran Petrosian Memorial is organized here, too.

1966. In the center of Yerevan, in the Ring Park, the Chess House is being founded.
Tigran Petrosian examines the mock-up of the wonderful building and puts the first stone in the foundation. After the untimely death of the champion the Chess House was named after Tigran Petrosian.

Two Armenian geniuses, Martiros Sarian and Tigran Petrosian. The notable artist creates the portrait of the notable chess player.

Here is the wonderful canvas.
Pay attention to the amazing device incorporated by Sarian. The two peaks of Ararat in the upper right corner are captured by Petrosian’s eyebrows.

Moscow, 1963. The match for World Champion title between Petrosian and Botvinnik attracted the attention not only of the world’s chess fans. The entire Armenian nation without exception was captivated by this match, rooting for its genius son.

Long live the Chess King!
The 20th of May, 1963.
Tigran Petrosian is awarded his first laurel wreath and pronounced the 9th World Champion.

The king remains king.
The second hour of triumph of Tigran Petrosian.

Tigran Petrosian and Boris Spassky played two matches for the World Championship, in 1966 and 1969. Implacable opponents across the chessboard, they always upheld gentlemanly relations with each other.

Yerevan, 2004.
The 10th Chess King Boris Spassky at the base of the memorial of the 9th Chess King Tigran Petrosian.

Tigran Petrosian was a developed person with a variety of interests.
Among the great grandmasters he was one of those exceptional personalities who liked and understood music and literature, indulged in several kinds of sports, exhibited photographic skill, and enjoyed gardening... Let’s not forget that Tigran was also a philosopher and scientist, having defended a graduate dissertation on chess philosophy. In addition to all this, he was a loving husband and father.
Rona Yakovlevna was not only a wife and life companion to Tigran Petrosian, but also a person who played a great role in Petrosian’s fate.
Tigran realized and valued it.
Tigran together with Rona and sons Mikhail and Vardan.

Vardan’s son is named just like his famous grandfather,
Tigran Vardanovich Petrosian.

November 25, 2004.
Vardan Petrosian in Yerevan.

In the shot is Garry Kasparov, the photographer is Tigran Petrosian.
The meteoric rise of Kasparov coincided with the last years of Petrosian’s life.
But Garik managed to play in several tournaments and communicate with the chess sage,  listening to his useful pieces of advice. Tigran Petrosian liked Garik, valued his talent highly, treated him dearly. According to Kasparov, the death of Petrosian prior to the world championship matches against Karpov was a great loss for him.

Tigran Petrosian had expressive features, a deep gaze, real Armenian eyes and a charming smile. And photographers were happy to catch him on film not only for his chess victories but for his photogenic appearance as well. This picture “Tigran Petrosian” by TASS photographer-reporter Victor Velikzhanin was awarded the Gold Medal in the portrait section at the “Interpress-Photo” international photo competition in Prague in 1970.

Sculptors like prominent artists selected Tigran Petrosian as their artistic subject. Tigran particularly liked this rendition by Nikoghaios Nikoghosian.

Tigran Petrosian’s grasping smile.

Football was an inseparable part of Tigran’s life. He was a devoted fan of “Spartak” and “Ararat” and never missed a chance to watch his favorite teams play.

Four ages, four looks.

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